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What Resources Can Be Found On Our Website?

We created this website as a repository of information for health professionals, family members, policy makers and researchers. Our focus is on pain in dementia. We have divided the Resources section of the website into three subsections labelled For Health Professionals, For Older Adults and Caregivers and For Researchers.

The Health Professionals section contains links to principles of pain assessment in dementia and links to suitable pain assessment tools, including a link to the Pain Assessment Checklist for Seniors with Limited Ability to Communicate-II (PACSLAC-II), resources for a positive COVID-19 vaccination experience in long-term care environments, information on web-based pain assessment training for long-term care staff, as well as guidelines and articles with guidelines on how to conduct pain assessments with people who have limited ability to communicate.

The section on resources for Researchers (which may also be useful for health professionals) includes links to articles that provide validation information for the PACSLAC-II and other assessment tools and work documenting the benefits of regular pain assessment in long-term care.

Links with educational information and resources for Older Adults, Caregivers and Families are also provided on our website. Policy makers will find recommendations for policy changes that can lead to improved pain care in dementia.

On the website you can also read our regular blog about pain in dementia and media stories about the #SeePainMoreClearly effort, view our brief informational videos, and meet our team. The website also contains a section that allows you to participate in the evaluation of our #SeePainMoreClearly knowledge mobilization effort by filling out an anonymous questionnaire or by signing up for an interview with one of our researchers. In addition, if you have a personal story as a caregiver of a person with dementia who has suffered from pain and you want to share the story on our website you can contact our team and we can facilitate this process. Thank you for your interest and for helping us in our effort to improve the quality of life of older adults with moderate to severe dementia!

How You Can Help?

To help, please follow us on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram, share our messages and use our hashtag #SeePainMoreClearly.

Would you like to share your thoughts on our See Pain More Clearly initiative and the use of social media to mobilize knowledge about pain in dementia?

We are looking for people to participate in a study to evaluate the effectiveness of the #SeePainMoreClearly social media initiative to mobilize knowledge about pain in dementia.


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